Dónde Está el Baño

It's time to talk about getting a toilet. No one wants to dig a hole in the forest and go poop in it, especially when there are bugs around. So its time to setup something where you can poop with confidence, and dignity. But eh, yea, you are still pooping in the forest. So, where... Continue Reading →

Starting the Firewood Pile

After discovering that the national park service was charging USD$7 for a bundle of wood while camping this weekend, I may have partially puked in my mouth at the cost. Those rates are pretty absurd. While yes its kiln dried, and likely means that there is no insects being transported, I am still pretty shocked... Continue Reading →

Grass Update

Looks like some of the recently planted grass is taking hold! In addition, the hay fields are getting really really tall.   It is getting harder to keep track of Tyr in the grass; its easily a foot taller than him in spots.

Rain is Hindering and Helping

It's been raining pretty heavily in West Virginia over the last few weeks, and I haven't been able to get out to the mountain lately. Mainly, I don't want to damage the dirt road while the ground is soft, but hanging out in the rain isn't much fun either. So I have been spending time... Continue Reading →


One of the things that I will try and do from time to time is do a SMALL post on technology issues I run into while doing these posts. The first one, will be on picture size. The pictures I capture are mainly from my cell phone, and average a megabyte in size. However, if... Continue Reading →

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