Upgrading to a Year Round Tent

While my garden tent has suited me very well over the last few weeks, it is now time to upgrade to something a bit bigger and nicer. I want to eventually build something permanent, like a cabin, wooden yurt, or maybe a lookout tower cabin. For now, I just need to get a semi permanent... Continue Reading →

Um, Weather?

Quick update: There is some really cold weather up on the mountain over the last few days so I have been back in the DC area working on job applications, ideas for a duck run and coup, and a home made land plane. There has been some computer tinkering going on as well.

Buying Land: How I Did It

  The most time consuming step that I had was identifying land. And it wasn't just as simple as throwing a bunch of information into Redfin, and seeing what I liked.  There was quite a few learning elements along the way. Drawing up my requirements was pretty simple, but finding land to suit wasn't. Two... Continue Reading →


Camp ALPHA has been established. It is a very meager camp, but it suits my needs very well. The tent, isn't exactly really a tent. It is actually designed for being a temporary shed, and a nearly identical to one I used in the past for bee keeping storage. It held up to the elements... Continue Reading →

I Bought Some Land!

I bought some land today! Here are some quick tidbits: 12 acres of land About 5 acres of pasture About 7 acres of wooded hilly land On top of an Appalachian Mountain, but only about 2000 foot (610 meters) in elevation NO WATER access But river water is extremely close And I can buy drinking... Continue Reading →

Welcome To The Brand New Blog!

First, welcome to the brand new blog! This blog is an attempt to document some of my experiences with buying and developing land into a part time retreat in Western Virginia. Right now, the concept for the blog is to cover: Buying land Working the land Temporary and long term structures Solar and battery banks... Continue Reading →

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