One of the things that I will try and do from time to time is do a SMALL post on technology issues I run into while doing these posts. The first one, will be on picture size. The pictures I capture are mainly from my cell phone, and average a megabyte in size.

However, if I transfer those directly to the website, to you… the website won’t load until all the pictures load, which could be several megabytes in size. So, these pics need to be reduced so they can be quickly loade.  Enter: ImageMagick

Within the free ImageMagick suite is the tool Mogrify. This tool quickly allows me to go into the command line and shrink all my photos, to about 60%. I put all my photos into a single directory, then fire up either command line or terminal based on my operating system. I then type this in:

mogrify -resize 60% *.jpg

Thats a pretty quick replacement of my photos to ensure they are still good quality, but not impossibly large to load. Hopefully this can help someone in the future.

Installing on Windows is pretty quick and straight forward. However, installing on mac requires macports which is incredibly complicated for a novice. If you are interested about macports:

  • Learn more about installing xcode here
  • Learn more about installing mac ports here
  • Finally run this:
sudo port install imagemagick


Update 10 July 2018:

Now using this one a bit more to further reduce picture size, and stick my pictures into a working folder that is easily cleaned up.

mogrify -strip -resize 60% -quality 80% ./workingfolder/*.jpg

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