Building the First Network and Server

I know this sounds crazy, but its finally time to build the first wireless network and server out on the mountain! However, with this being off-grid, there needs to be some special considerations. First, why, especially if there is no Internet out there???? Simple reason, I would like to get some measurements and automation out... Continue Reading →

Cell Phone Range Extenders

So, there isn't much cell coverage out in my parts of WV, so improving cell coverage where possible has been a priority. Unfortunately, there is a lot of straight up fraudulent products out there. However, I did find a number that could help other people. Before we hit that, lets get into a simple explanation... Continue Reading →


One of the things that I will try and do from time to time is do a SMALL post on technology issues I run into while doing these posts. The first one, will be on picture size. The pictures I capture are mainly from my cell phone, and average a megabyte in size. However, if... Continue Reading →

Welcome To The Brand New Blog!

First, welcome to the brand new blog! This blog is an attempt to document some of my experiences with buying and developing land into a part time retreat in Western Virginia. Right now, the concept for the blog is to cover: Buying land Working the land Temporary and long term structures Solar and battery banks... Continue Reading →

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