Welcome To The Brand New Blog!

First, welcome to the brand new blog! This blog is an attempt to document some of my experiences with buying and developing land into a part time retreat in Western Virginia. Right now, the concept for the blog is to cover:

  • Buying land
  • Working the land
  • Temporary and long term structures
  • Solar and battery banks
  • Potable and non-potable water sourcing, hauling, and trying to figure out a long term solution
  • Working with earth moving equipment (as often as possible, lets just be honest)
  • Technology (off-grid and in general)
  • Legal and working with the building code
  • Wildlife
  • What to do with and on the land
  • Exploring West Virginia and maybe some national and international travel from time to time

So, why title the blog Vantages From Vandalia? Andy (former coworker) gave me the idea of working with the term Vandalia. Vandalia was the term for a proposed colony in what is today referred to as West Virginia, and parts of Northern Kentucky. Seeing as the land was located in West Virginia, and its pretty unique, I went with it. So, thanks Andy!

And while we are doing thank yous, huge shoutouts to everyone who helped me out along the way:

  • Mom and Dad
  • Extended family
  • Kevin
  • Andy and Steve for their West Virginia knowledge
  • Good friends
  • Redditors (especially /r/homestead /r/boondocking /r/GoRVing /r/OffGrid /r/Solar /r/vandwellers)
  • And many many more

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