Adding Some Badly Needed Lighting

Working off candles, flashlights, and kerosene works for a while, but eventually, you want to just have a working light switch. Well, I finally did it and didn't kill myself in the process. Eventually, the lighting will be ripped out when I install insulation and drywall in the future, but I am happy to have... Continue Reading →


To me, campfires are one of those things that are key to having an enjoyable, relaxing, retreat. It's one of those things that provides heat, is the center of where people gather, and tell stories. The last several months I have been working on figuring out how best to fell trees, skid logs, section them... Continue Reading →

Winter Prepping and Keeping Warm

While I have done a few day trips out to West Virginia, I have also been staying the night in the makeshift cabin/shack despite winter approaching. With the weather dropping into temps where snow is possible, there were a few things that needed to happen to get ready for winter. The first was cold prep.... Continue Reading →

Winter is Coming

The first winter on my land is approaching, but I am trying not to slow down. While I may not have been posting as much on the blog, I assure you I have been getting out there as much as possible. The rain this year continues to be absolutely absurd. According to the National Weather... Continue Reading →

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