I Bought Some Land!

I bought some land today! Here are some quick tidbits:

  • 12 acres of land
  • About 5 acres of pasture
  • About 7 acres of wooded hilly land
  • On top of an Appalachian Mountain, but only about 2000 foot (610 meters) in elevation
  • NO WATER access
    • But river water is extremely close
    • And I can buy drinking (potable) water several hundred gallons at a time in a nearby town
    • But the long term plan is to do rain water harvesting, catchment, and filtration
  • There is electrical access, but I plan on running solar to reduce costs
  • No gas, sewer, or septic
  • Incredible views
  • Terrible road on the way up
  • Still not sure where the property lines are exactly

Most of the land on the left of the electric lines is now mine. Dog for scale.

IMG_20180304_154101 (2).jpg

And a simple terrain map with satellite imagery.  I bought both of these lots.


I was hoping to drive up the the property earlier today but yea, the extreme amount of snow and rain this spring totally stopped that. Even with snow and mud tires on the car, the tires were totally spinning.  The roads are pretty badly rutted, so there is a plan right now being hatched to work on the roads.  It is going to need to get leveled, raised up, graded, good ditches in there to drive the water away, and finally put a grade on it.

I did easily pass these bad spots in the road, but not the really bad stuff later on


I did make an attempt to see if i could level it out just enough to make it up.. but the tires still spun as it wasn’t compacted.


So instead, here are some pictures of me wandering around on the land. First one on the road where it broke down, second on top of the mountain after hiking up.

So, hopefully it dries out over the next few days. I will be renting a pretty large skid steer soon to try and repair the road as quickly as possible. That will probably prove to be its own adventure.

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