To me, campfires are one of those things that are key to having an enjoyable, relaxing, retreat. It's one of those things that provides heat, is the center of where people gather, and tell stories. The last several months I have been working on figuring out how best to fell trees, skid logs, section them... Continue Reading →

Winter is Coming

The first winter on my land is approaching, but I am trying not to slow down. While I may not have been posting as much on the blog, I assure you I have been getting out there as much as possible. The rain this year continues to be absolutely absurd. According to the National Weather... Continue Reading →

Grape Vines are Killing My Trees

In a previous post, I mentioned that some vines are killing my trees. I have been searching up and down for an answer, but it turns out, what I am looking at are wild grape vines. Apparently, wild grapes are becoming an invasive species in WV and can grow up to 15 meters. And sure... Continue Reading →

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