Adding Some Badly Needed Lighting

Working off candles, flashlights, and kerosene works for a while, but eventually, you want to just have a working light switch. Well, I finally did it and didn't kill myself in the process. Eventually, the lighting will be ripped out when I install insulation and drywall in the future, but I am happy to have... Continue Reading →

Winter Prepping and Keeping Warm

While I have done a few day trips out to West Virginia, I have also been staying the night in the makeshift cabin/shack despite winter approaching. With the weather dropping into temps where snow is possible, there were a few things that needed to happen to get ready for winter. The first was cold prep.... Continue Reading →

Building the First Network and Server

I know this sounds crazy, but its finally time to build the first wireless network and server out on the mountain! However, with this being off-grid, there needs to be some special considerations. First, why, especially if there is no Internet out there???? Simple reason, I would like to get some measurements and automation out... Continue Reading →

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