New Chainsaw Backpack!

So in my previous post, I mentioned that I went up and down the hills with the chainsaw working the land a bit. The plan was to head out early in the morning, and not come back until nightfall. That makes for a long day, but also a lot of gear. Would you believe that the good folks at Dakine make a backpack just for these needs?

I have previously purchased their other backpacks and been pretty happy with them, but this bag was pricey at just under $200. I probably wouldn’t have purchased the bag if it weren’t for my previous experiences with them being positive. Additionally, because the forest is so hilly, there is no way in our out of them except on foot so putting my equipment into the backpack is a good thing.

The backpack is officially known as the Dakine Builder Pack 40L but to me, its the chainsaw backpack cause thats how I am going to use it. Essentially, its a standard style backpack when on your back, but all of the pouches and features of it cater towards working the land.

As my less than impressive photos show, it looks just like a standard backpack with a few modifications.


One of the cool features is the ability to store these fuel bottles in the backpack, and it appears that it was probably designed just for this reason. For me, I keep one bottle of fuel for the chainsaw, and another of chainsaw bar oil. I wrapped the bar oil with a band of blue electrical tape to keep it clear which is is which.

There are also a few helpful little pockets for you to put stuff into that you don’t want to get lost. I stuck my hearing protection on here.


There is a pretty large hole here in the middle, and thats where the chainsaw goes 🙂

In the bottom, you can pull out a little hanging dangle pouch, thats where you can the handle of any larger hand tools you may be working with. The manufacturer has a better photo of this, as I wasn’t using this feature.


Now here you can see how large the internal pouch actually is. I put the DeWalt Jobsite Fan in here cause, well, it fit and having a nice breeze on you when you are resting is pretty fantastic. Did I mention that when I was doing this work it was 90 degrees and 85% humidity? This photo shows how it also nicely opens completely flap, and some of the internal pockets as well.


Finally, if you are going to be out there all day, better bring some lunch. A 16oz can of soup fits too.


All geared up and ready to go! I mean, yea, the whole thing was HEAVY. There was no getting around that, but I will say it was comfortable. Once it gets up off the ground the weight felt well centered on my back and was pretty comfortable.

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