Winter Prepping and Keeping Warm

While I have done a few day trips out to West Virginia, I have also been staying the night in the makeshift cabin/shack despite winter approaching. With the weather dropping into temps where snow is possible, there were a few things that needed to happen to get ready for winter. The first was cold prep.... Continue Reading →

New Chainsaw Backpack!

So in my previous post, I mentioned that I went up and down the hills with the chainsaw working the land a bit. The plan was to head out early in the morning, and not come back until nightfall. That makes for a long day, but also a lot of gear. Would you believe that... Continue Reading →

Dónde Está el Baño

It's time to talk about getting a toilet. No one wants to dig a hole in the forest and go poop in it, especially when there are bugs around. So its time to setup something where you can poop with confidence, and dignity. But eh, yea, you are still pooping in the forest. So, where... Continue Reading →

Um, Weather?

Quick update: There is some really cold weather up on the mountain over the last few days so I have been back in the DC area working on job applications, ideas for a duck run and coup, and a home made land plane. There has been some computer tinkering going on as well.

Buying Land: How I Did It

  The most time consuming step that I had was identifying land. And it wasn't just as simple as throwing a bunch of information into Redfin, and seeing what I liked.  There was quite a few learning elements along the way. Drawing up my requirements was pretty simple, but finding land to suit wasn't. Two... Continue Reading →

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